Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a user-friendly platform. Thousands of regular people have become into celebrities as a result of it. One of the common denominators you’ll see in the majority of their stories is that they all adhere to certain fundamental success standards. Optimizing your channel is one of the most crucial rules.

You may begin optimizing your channel by making it seem nice and attractive to viewers. Here are some helpful hints to help you better improve your channel:

Channel Icon

It’s the image that your YouTube channel is represented with. You may get ideas for a catchy/attention-grabbing graphic from YouTube channels like Vice, IGN, and others. Make sure your Channel icon is round or square, and that it appears correctly at 9898 pixels. It’s also advisable to use one of the following formats to submit an 800×800 image: JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG are examples of image formats.

Channel Art

It’s the YouTube cover shot, if you will. You must select an image that reflects your material and traits, just like you would on Facebook. Upload a file with a resolution of at least 2560x1440px and a file size of no more than 2 MB. If you wish to add text to your picture, such as your channel name or a forthcoming video announcement, the best place to do so is 1546x423px, centered on the image. Depending on your screen size, you may stretch your text 507px right and 507px left.

Channel Description

It tells your viewers what your YouTube channel is all about. It’s displayed in the channel’s ‘Going’ page, and you may edit it at any time to emphasize a new series you’re about to start or a notable event you’re about to attend. You may also tell the viewers what they can anticipate from the channel and when they can expect it. (For instance, a new video is released every Wednesday.) “You have up to 1000 characters to use and can include links to your other social media platforms, blogs, or personal websites.”

Custom Thumbnails

This is one of the most essential aspects that determines your video’s click ability. Make sure you select a bright image that corresponds to your video. On your thumbnail, write a concise description of your video’s title. (By glancing at the thumbnails in the sports category, a visitor may choose the top goals in the EPL.) Note: The image must be 1280 720 (16:9 ratio) in a.JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file under 2MB. Also, in your title, include important and descriptive keywords that will make your video stand out in random YouTube searches.

Featured Video or Playlist

You may add a video trailer to your channel to provide new viewers an introduction to your videos. Featured Video starts playing automatically whenever someone visits your channel page. You may group your comparable videos for convenient watching by using the playlist function.


Cards may aid in the promotion of your goods, blog, or other videos on your YouTube channel. You can select Hovercards, which appear when a user hovers his or her mouse over a channel icon on the watch page. Mobile devices benefit from cards, whilst desktop computers benefit from annotations.


If you believe your video is being duplicated or placed on other websites (Facebook Freebooting), you may add a watermark to it to promote your brand even when it isn’t being seen on YouTube. These watermarks may be seen in the player’s bottom right hand corner.

Now that your YouTube channel’s aesthetic appeal has been fine-tuned, it’s time to make it search-friendly! This is where Metadata comes into play. The title, description, tags, category, and thumbnails of a YouTube video are all part of the metadata.



MetaData is crucial to the search engine optimization of your YouTube channel. Here’s a quick overview on how to optimize your Metadata.

Improve the title of your video

Your video’s title accurately conveys the content. Because it gets more clicks, make sure your video title and thumbnail have the same text. Additionally, naming your video clip will provide you with an edge.

Tell us about your video.

Because just the first few lines or 160 characters will display in search results and above the fold on a watch page, you should put your most important keywords there. You may also include links to your blog, websites, and other videos or channels.

Add a Tag to Your Video

To make your movie search engine friendly, use appropriate tags and relevant keywords. Brand name, product offering, or a collection are some of the recommended tags. Always use quote marks (“xxx”) and avoid commas. Because Google’s algorithm recognizes the relationship between your tags and your content, avoid using generic tags or tags that aren’t related to your video. When the video is posted, you may always modify it manually.

If you implement the aforementioned ideas and tactics, you can increase the number of people who watch your YouTube channel.


How do you do video interviews?

One of the quickest methods to develop video content for your website is to do interviews with individuals. It’s also one of the simplest since, let’s face it, the subject does the majority of the talking. Most of the time, the vlogger fails to extract any kind of useful information, resulting in a fluff-filled interview with little motivation for the interviewee to share the interview or even engage with you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The entire point of vlogging is to be seen in the video. Trying to describe the complete overview in an email video of the interview can go horribly wrong. However, there are a few things you should know before you start video interviewing. Here are five suggestions for making video interviews for your website go more smoothly:

Insightful Questions

People you’re interviewing will frequently want a list of questions ahead of time. It’s a reasonable request, but try to reject it if you can. It’s not a good idea to prepare questions ahead of time. You will receive boring replies if you ask uninteresting questions. Nobody has time for dull material. Pose direct and precise questions to your interviewee.

Talk of the Ordinary

Once you’ve connected with the person, spend a few minutes talking about where they’re from, their family, or even the weather (as cliché as it may seem). This puts them more at ease with you, and they’ll open up and tell you more of their secrets as a result.

Expectations should be set

Starting an interview by asking them to introduce themselves is a good idea. Spend at least an hour learning about your interviewee before starting the interview. Take a look at their about page. Take a look at their most recent blog entries. Using Twitter or Facebook, try to figure out what they’ve been up to recently. Then create a two- to three-sentence introduction that explains who the interviewee is, why they’re important, and why the audience should pay attention.

Don’t forget to keep recording.

Finally, after the questions are finished, remark, “Great, that concludes the interview,” but don’t turn off the camera just yet! Why? Because the debate will almost always continue. When your interviewee believes the camera is turned off, you’ll frequently receive some of the greatest content!


Engagement on YouTube

Finally, you must like communicating with and connecting with your vlog audience. The success of your YouTube channel is determined by how many people watch your vlogs, and they’ll watch them more if you interact with them on YouTube and social media. Encourage your audience to participate by linking to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram profiles. Give shout-outs to your viewers in your vlogs when you get amazing comments and queries.

Yes. This concludes the vlogging instructions section of this tutorial. All you have to do is get out there with your camera and photograph anything that piques your interest. It’s a content marketing crime not to photograph the places around you. Keep an eye out for opportunities; occasionally inventing one isn’t a bad idea. Simply ramble on while capturing your ideas with your camera.

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