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About This Course

This Selenium Certification Training enables you to master the complete Selenium suite. The Selenium Training is designed to train developers and manual testers to learn how to automate web applications with a robust framework, and integrate it within the DevOps processes of an organization. This Selenium Certification Training will also help you master important concepts such as TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium WebDriver, etc.


Selenium Certification Course Overview

This Selenium Certification Training course helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as WebDriver, TestNG, Wait, Locating Techniques, AutoIT, Sikuli, Page Object Design Pattern, mobile testing, and Selenium Grid. This Selenium Training features real-world examples to train you to use Selenium WebDriver effectively.



Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tools, which is been increasingly used by organizations all across the globe. according to Indeed. These positions typically attract lucrative annual salaries, ranging from $68,000 for quality assurance analyst jobs to $94,000 for automation engineer roles.


Selenium Training Course Curriculum



The Selenium Certification Training is ideal for test managers, test engineers, test lead, test analysts, quality assurance engineers, software developers, and engineers who want to learn automation testing with Selenium.


Basic knowledge of Core Java. This Selenium Certification training starts with a refresher on Core Java where basic concepts are explained.

Course Content

Selenium 3.0 Training
Lesson 01 – Core Java Refresher
Lesson 02 – Automation Basics
Leson 03 – Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
Lesson 04 – Locating Techniques
Lesson 05 – WebDriver Basics – I
Lesson 06 – WebDriver Basics – II
Lesson 07 – TestNG
Lesson 08 – WebDriver – Framework
Lesson 09 – Selenium Grid
Lesson 10 – Project Execution
Lesson 11 – Mobile App Test Automation Using Appium


Selenium Training FAQs

What’s the focus of this Selenium Certification Training?
This Selenium Certification Training has been designed to help developers and manual testers learn how to automate web applications with a robust framework, and integrate it within the DevOps processes of an organization. A lot of real-life examples and situations to demonstrate how to use Selenium WebDriver effectively are covered in this Selenium Certification course.
The Selenium Certification Training starts with a refresher course on core Java concepts and covers the basics of Test Automation and its importance in the industry. Special focus is given on building a robust framework with Page Object Design Pattern, Data-Driven Approach, and creating reusable components to improve productivity.

Who should take this Selenium Certification Training?
This Selenium Certification Training is ideal for :
Test Managers
Test Engineers
Test Lead
Test Analyst
QA Engineers
Software Developers
Engineers who want to learn Automation testing

What is the Average salary of a Selenium Tester?
According to, the average salary for “selenium tester” ranges from approximately $57,879 per year for a Quality Assurance Analyst to $100,040 per year for Software Test Engineer.

Who delivers the Selenium Certification training?
All our trainers are certified and are highly qualified, with multiple years of experience in working with front-end development technology.

System requirements for this Selenium Certification Training?
You will need to download the following softwares:
Eclipse Neon
More detailed list of downloads is available in the download section of your LMS. The installation process will be covered by the instructor during the Selenium Training.

What is Selenium?
Selenium is an open-source testing framework used to validate web applications across different platforms. It also provides a domain-specific test language for writing tests in a number of popular programming languages, including C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala.

Why should you take this Selenium Certification training?
This course will enable you to:
Revise the Core Java concepts essential for learning Selenium WebDriver
Understand the scope of test automation in DevOps and its fundamentals
Create test cases using Selenium IDE – Record and Playback tool
Understand Selenium WebDriver architecture and various layers of interaction
Set up WebDriver project in Eclipse and write test cases using TestNG
Locate elements using various locating techniques
Work with various WebDriver commands to drive web browser and WebElement commands to deal with certain web components
Learn to handle various possible scenarios related to pop-ups, multiple windows, frames, and taking screenshots
Implement Page Object Design Pattern and Data-Driven Testing
Understand how to use Maven, ANT, AutoIT, Sikuli, log4j, and listeners
Learn to use Selenium Grid with TestNG for parallel execution
Execute a project from scratch by building automation framework and automating a few test scenarios

What are the various job roles available after this Selenium Certification Course?
Once you are done with your Selenium Certification these are the popular job roles that an automation testing company can offer you:
Selenium automation engineer
Selenium tester
Senior quality engineer – automation
Mobile testing lead
Java Selenium automation engineer
Selenium test analyst
Senior QA automation engineer
Software development test engineer
Companies that offer job roles to Selenium testers.
Major companies hiring Selenium testers include:

What are different modes of this Selenium Certification Training?
Intelligence Gateway offers a Blended Learning program for the Selenium Certification Training course that includes more than 40 hours of instructor-led online training, two real-life, industry-based projects, and hands-on experience with demo website testing.

What additional things are covered under this Selenium Certification Training?
This Selenium Training includes:
In-depth knowledge of concepts such as WebDriver, TestNG, Wait, locating techniques, AutoIT, Sikuli, Page Object Design Pattern, mobile testing, and Selenium Grid
A project where you create the test automation for an ecommerce application with a framework and reporting

What is Selenium used for?
Selenium is the most widely used open-source and freeware automation tool. It also supports recording and playback for testing web apps and can execute innumerable scripts across many browsers. Furthermore, Selenium supports many operating systems and programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET, C#, and Java and multiple browsers, making Selenium the top automation testing tool. Enroll in Intelligence Gateway’s Selenium course online to advance your profession.

Is the Selenium course difficult to learn?
Learning Selenium is not difficult; nonetheless, it takes a good disciple and a planned road map to learn it quickly. To study automation testing with Selenium, one should concentrate on four things: Java, Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, and Frameworks. The Selenium course will help you advance in your profession by teaching you the essentials of Selenium and its components, such as the Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, and Selenium IDE.

Is Selenium testing a good career option?
Choosing a career in Selenium testing is unquestionably the right decision, as it will lead to a brighter future. Employers are constantly on the hunt for qualified candidates. Companies are sometimes prepared to go above and beyond industry norms when compensating their selenium testers, as long as they have the necessary certifications and experience. Begin your career with Intelligence Gateway’s Selenium certification training, which will teach you how to master the entire Selenium suite.

How do beginners learn Selenium?
The online Selenium course is an ultimate step-by-step guide for learning Selenium fundamentals. Our Selenium tutorial is intended for novices with or little automation experience. The Selenium training teaches developers and manual testers how to automate web applications using a robust framework and incorporate it into an organization’s DevOps procedures.

Is Selenium certification worth it?
Selenium is a software package that addresses an organization’s testing needs rather than a single tool. Web applications are becoming increasingly crucial in sectors around the world, fueling market trends for test automation and, as a result, Selenium. Selenium training is a popular option for developers in the software business. Selenium employment has surged with spectacular pay scales as the most sought-after skill in the testing industry with Selenium certification across countries including India, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

What are the job roles/opportunities available after getting a Selenium certification?
After becoming a Certified Selenium Professional, you can apply for a variety of career options. You will be qualified for the following job roles if you obtain the Selenium certification: Selenium Automation Analyst, Selenium Tester, Selenium Webdriver, Selenium Automation Engineer, Java Selenium Automation Engineer, QA Engineer, Selenium Test Analyst, Mobile Testing Lead, Senior QA Automation Engineer, Software Development Test Engineer, and Automation Test Engineer.

What do Selenium testing professionals do?
A Selenium testing professional creates, maintains, and runs automated test scripts using Selenium. They carry out activities such as improving a current Selenium automation framework, connecting Selenium scripts with Jenkins CloudBee, and preserving test case traceability to automation test scripts. They also create and manage automation test strategies and approaches, as well as manage automation activities. You can obtain a Selenium certification to become a Certified Professional Selenium Tester and advance your career in automated testing.

What skills should a Selenium testing professional know?
To work as a Selenium automation tester, you must be fluent in at least one programming language, preferably Java or C#. Selenium or automation testers may be required to create automated test suites to construct BPT components and frameworks. Obtaining Selenium certification might help you validate your knowledge.

What industries use Selenium most?
With the increased use of online applications in enterprises, market trends for test automation are constantly expanding, with a high demand for Selenium. Selenium resources are used by a variety of industries around the world for test automation. Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, Hospital & Healthcare, Internet, Staffing & Recruiting, Financial Services, Higher Education, and Computer Hardware are the primary industries that utilize Selenium. Our Selenium course assists candidates in obtaining dream employment in these top sectors.

Which companies hire Selenium testing professionals?
Today, most firms prefer to use open-source automated testing solutions to reduce the expense and work associated with manual testing. Selenium is one such open-source automated internet testing tool. CGI, Google, Mozilla, Tech Mahindra, LinkedIn, L&T, Hitachi, ValueLabs, Oracle, Cognizant, Dell, Capgemini, Deloitte, and IBM are among the top MNCs that will hire you after earning our Selenium certification.

What is the pay scale of Selenium testing professionals across the world?
The most intriguing aspect is that this industry has experienced a significant push in establishing job possibilities with handsome pay packages. Before making a career decision, it is critical to get an idea of the wage structure for the Selenium Tester profession. According to compensation trends, only skilled individuals can land a high-paying position in this industry. As a result, Selenium certification becomes essential for validating your expertise. According to Glassdoor data, the average annual income of a Selenium test engineer in various locations is:
India: INR 3,50,000
US: $91,377
UK: £35,984
Canada: CA$68,485

Learning Objectives

Core Java concepts
Scope of test automation
Test cases using Selenium IDE
Selenium Web
Locating techniques
Selenium Grid with TestNG
Automation framework

Material Includes

  • Core Java concepts
  • Scope of test automation
  • Test cases using Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web
  • Driver
  • Locating techniques
  • Selenium Grid with TestNG
  • Automation framework

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