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About This Course

This Angular Certification Training Course will help you master front-end web development with Angular. Gain in-depth knowledge of concepts like facilitating the development of single-page web applications, dependency injection, typescript, components, and directives with this Angular Course.


Angular Certification Course Overview

Intelligence Gateway’s Angular certification course helps you understand the design of single-page applications and how Angular facilities their development. This Angular certification provides knowledge of concepts such as TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, dependency injections, SPA, forms, pipes, promises, observables, and Angular class testing.



Angular is gaining popularity because of its ability to make static web pages more dynamic and allowing web designers to add more tools


Angular Course Curriculum



This Angular certification course is ideal for UI developers, technical project managers, full stack web developers, quality assurance specialists, architects, and students who wish to learn front-end UI development using concepts of Angular.


There are no prerequisites for taking up this Angular Certification Training Course.

Course Content

Section 01 Self Paced Learning Curriculum
Lesson 01 – Single page Applications
Lesson 02 – TypeScript and ESNext
Lesson 03 – Decorators
Lesson 04 – Component Decorator
Lesson 05 – Angular Routing
Lesson 06 – Dependency Injection
Lesson 07 – Directives
Lesson 08 – Forms in Angular
Lesson 09 – Using Third Party Libraries
Section 02 Live Class Curriculum
Lesson 01 Features of TypeScript
Lesson 02 Features of Angular
Lesson 03 NgModule
Lesson 04 Ng Unit Testing and Observables


Angular Training FAQs

Why learn Angular?
Angular has changed the entire picture of developing a web-based application and has been dominating the entire web market by offering a simplified and sophisticated way to manage the code. It aims to fulfill the expectations of modern developers who demand fast performance and responsiveness in their web applications.
Part of its popularity is its ability to make static Web pages more dynamic, thus allowing web designers to add more tools. Organizations are seeing the benefits of adopting Angular, thus increasing the demand for Angular experts.
Angular is a part of MEAN stack. MEAN stack is made up of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. Since all the components that make up MEAN stack uses Javascript for programming, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both client-side & server-side execution.
Angular is maintained by Google and a community of experts acting as a solution for rapid front-end development.
What’s the focus of this Angular Training?
This Angular Training Course will help you comprehend and master concepts on Angular like facilitating the development of single-page web applications, dependency injection, typescript, components, directives, model-view-controller, etc.
This Angular Certification training makes it is easy to grasp and enables one to develop robust applications for projects of any scale. Also, Angular makes use of TypeScript and is much faster and more mobile-oriented than it’s predecessor – AngularJS.
Objectives of this Angular Training
By the end of this Angular Training course, you will comprehend the following:
Understand the design of single-page applications and how Angular facilitates their development
Understand the Angular architecture
Work with TypeScript
Develop components, use directives, and work with data binding
Work with Service and Dependency Injection
Create and validate model-driven forms
Work with the Model-View-Controller (MVC)
Use HTTP with Observables, routing, and pipes
Use custom pipes and directives
Perform unit testing
Use Angular CLI
Develop attractive UI using Bootstrap
Who delivers the Angular training?
All our trainers are certified and are highly qualified, with multiple years of experience in working with front-end development technology.
Who should take this Angular Certification Course?
This Angular Training course is ideal for :
Aspirants and students who wish to learn UI development
UI Developers
Technical Project Managers and Technical Leads
Full Stack Web Developers
QAs, Architects
Entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn a state-of-the-art front-end JavaScript framework
What is the Average salary for Angular Certified professional?
According to PayScale, Angular Developers earn an average of $83,000 per year.
What is Angular used for?
Angular JS is a framework used for developing scalable client-side web applications. It is highly robust and provides functionalities, which helps to create fast and stable applications. Angular offers several benefits for web developers and requires less effort for development. This is the prime reason for the popularity of AngularJs. Our angular course is the best way to learn AngularJs and achieve certification.
Is the Angular course difficult to learn?
The instructors for this Angular course are well qualified with rich teaching experience in the field. The course is designed considering the varying learner needs and explains all the concepts in an interactive way. So, learners do not find the curriculum challenging.
Is AngularJS Developer a good career option?
As AngularJs development continues to grow among firms worldwide, the demand for AngularJs has increased significantly. AngularJS is among the most popular web development frameworks that can be used to develop web applications for weather, eCommerce, travel, social, and so on. An angular certification can further boost the career prospects of professionals willing to invest in web development’s latest trends and technologies.
How do beginners learn AngularJS?
Angular is a user-friendly framework, and beginners can get familiar with it by putting some effort into it. However, it may need proper guidance and a detailed plan to learn its features and functionality. Beginners considering a career in web development with AngularJs can enroll in our Angular training and gain certifications to demonstrate their skills.
Is an Angular certification worth it?
AngularJs is one of the fastest-growing and emerging web development frameworks. It is a trendy framework worldwide for web application development. It is the best time for candidates to opt for Angular training and achieve certification as demands are soaring with plenty of job opportunities and rewarding careers in tech companies. Moreover, with a wide array of job roles and future scope, it is highly recommended to gain angular developer skills and start working immediately.
What are the job roles available after getting an Angular certification?
Our angular certification course is crafted to instill skills and assess candidate’s expertise. Once you complete the certification, it provides you with a window for a variety of job roles. Some of the key job roles include angular developer, full-stack developer, consultant, software engineer, front-end developer, web developer, and so on.
What does an AngularJS Developer do?
AngularJS developers are highly skilled professionals with an in-depth understanding of JavaScript. They essentially build everything that the user sees on a webpage. AngularJS developers are experts in developing single-page applications. However, it depends on the organization and exact role. Our angular certification training helps you be job-ready for all types of positions.
What skills should an AngularJS Developer know?
For pursuing a successful Angular developer career, you need to acquire plenty of skills. Furthermore, you need to apply them at the appropriate times to create a fully functional dynamic website. Some essential abilities include understanding Core JavaScript, Angular framework, JavaScript building tools like Gulp or Grunt, TypeScript, Node Package Manager, HTML, CSS, API integration, etc. Our Angular certification course is the best way to acquire all the core skills.
What industries use Angular most?
Every industry nowadays is opting for digital mediums to enhance its customer base. Some notable sectors turning digital are commerce, banking, stock market, aviation, and so on. New websites are being designed for each firm in every industry, which requires skilled web developers. Angular is a framework that is being used widely to create fully functional dynamics websites across all sectors. Our Angular course will enable you to enter any industry of your choice and excel in your career.
Which companies hire AngularJS Developers?
Many big companies such as Google, Nordstrom, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, General Dynamics, Accenture, Shopify, Adobe, Netflix, and Bank of America seek web developers with Angular certification. Moreover, the immense growth of startups has led to the creation of ample employment opportunities in many small firms.
What is the pay scale of AngularJS Developers across the world?
AngularJS developers are in soaring demand in the web development domain as more and more firms are looking to develop dynamic websites. Angular certification will get you the required traction to further leverage the opportunity created in the web development space and earn more. Have a look at the average annual salaries for Angular skills in some of the famous countries for a better perspective
India – INR ?656k
The US – $85k
The UK – £37k
Australia – AU$79k
Canada – C$71k

Learning Objectives

Angular architecture
Work with Type
Service dependency injection
Work with MVC
Use custom pipes
Perform unit testing
Use Angular CLI
Develop UI using Bootstrap

Material Includes

  • Angular architecture
  • Work with Type
  • Script
  • Service dependency injection
  • Work with MVC
  • Use custom pipes
  • Perform unit testing
  • Use Angular CLI
  • Develop UI using Bootstrap

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